Nov 29

Glitch Mire

Just a little website where you might report a ‘sighting’ of a really bad website or a issue within a decent website.


Could even be your own site. If it’s one of mine I’ll take a look, I might follow up with the owner or maybe someone else might want to give it a stab or else a ‘wide berth’.


Glitch Mire – Don’t be Mired Down in Web Site Issues

Aug 23

Just built a new entertainment website – Catch Phrase Daily

Website features a new Catch Phrase, motto, slogan, or meme everyday!


Jul 17

Need Further Help with your Website?

Once you’ve purchased your domain and hosting here at Paradigm Domains you might find yourself asking, “What’s next?”.

If that’s the case then you might need a little more help past the technical assistance our help desk can provide. You might install WordPress and start blogging. Or try our website builder.

I want your experience here to be pleasant and productive. Spinning wheels ain’t productive. Purchase a domain and hosting from me then I’ll install your WordPress for you and help you get started. It’s faster if you can do it yourself but I’ll be glad to do it for you.

If you think you’ll need more help then that we’ll talk about either a maintenance contract or paid services depending on your needs. These services are handled through my own